Movie Review: Only Once

A film about nonsensical consequence of skulduggery that only irresponsible plebs can be edified. Given with pretentious acting, appalling cinematography, be ready to waste your precious hour.

This review focuses on the plot, and probably contain some spoilers.

Well, the plot was so straightforward. It is a common highschool scenario of two young students – invited girl to dance in prom, and eventually that girl likes that guy too. Then there goes the banal cliché.

With this banal setting, you’ll probably set this off. The guy is blatantly a dick, and the girl is always wet. Plus – they’re Christians!

Well hear this off. The whole plot revolved on their filial love and their skulduggery – and that was sex. Yes sex. Premarital sex. And they did it only once – that’s what the title insinuates.

What then? Hola!  Pregnant teen; but worry not, their parents were not that cruel -they got this.

You’ll probably expect a roundhouse kick from his parents (seriously man, be like God!), punishing the kid outta the house. But this parents are so lenient that they were even cool after all those events.

So you got your film. So inspiring. I don’t know if it promotes teenage pregnancy or just plain stupid portraying the bad effect of it by showing a guilty couple having a cup of tea.

Moral lesson: Be responsible. Use contraceptives

Anonymeter: 1/10


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