Movie Review: Interstellar

A series of thought-provoking scenarios that gripes me out of the comfortable couch, forces my mind to play by its rules. This film has the ambitious illustration of Einstein’s relativity, as well as the black hole theory. However, it focuses more on the specific protagonist rather than the setting itself, leading to a petty entertainment.

Most of you Sci-Fi fanatics and lovers (and Christopher Nolan fans) already watched this film. Christopher Nolan is probably one of those great directors of this kind of film: thought-provoking, intelligent, and boring. Boring to whom? Moviegoers. Those people who can’t understand English well without subtitles. I call the people who watch movies while fixing their clothes or the couple who are busy cuddling their partners while eating popcorn.

But for me, I wasn’t the bored guy. I watched this film for two times – very uncommon for me to watch movies more than once. This film deserves a re-watch, for all its difficult-to-comprehend concepts and those supernatural phenomena, you clearly must watch it again in order to understand its fictitious and complex concept.

The film started with gravity, Future earth is very ill due to unknown circumstances and her end is probably nearer than nigh. Sad people gets dust storms, and so what? NASA’s making a solution. Probably zero-gravity type of solution.

Fortunately, our protagonist Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former a top-notch astronaut and a skilled engineer. Now’s he’s away to his substantial work as a farmer and will go away from Earth to find a solution to her problems, away from Earth.

So if you haven’t seen this film I suggest you shouldn’t if you are in to these criteria:

  • You hate dialogues
  • You hate science fiction generally
  • You hate explanations
  • You hate space expeditions
  • You got difficulty understanding the theories within the film

Why then? This film is filled with dialogues: talk, talk and talk. Wordplay is common – simple jokes, and fine rhetoric. You’ll find that on some dialogues there is a hidden humor, probably American humor.

In the same time, after you understand the humor, there comes the explanations. This film is filled with explanations on how things will happen. So that will serve as a guide on what will happen next.

And lastly, have a little information about Relativity or the time dilation itself, you’ll probably understand what’s happening. Nolan’s a pretty mad for science, and have these grand innovative concepts of theories. If you are wary because you don’t like sci-fi as I do: Don’t you worry reader, I assure you won’t get bored: It’s more like a Thriller/Drama than Science Fiction!

What fascinates me too is the good soundtrack. Don’t forget Hans Zimmer’s compositions – it contributes to the eeriness of the film. Some parts might be painful to the ears because of its silence, and there are bland parts on some parts of the film, but that probably suggest something, e.g. there isn’t any sound on space.

Promise, this film isn’t boring. It’s full of mysteries to solve and concepts to delve. This film is one of the greatest thought-provoking film I ever watched. Don’t mind the duration, three precious hours will run like a bullet train – you won’t notice you’re already late for tomorrow.

Anonymeter: 6/10



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