Letter to the Reader

Letter to the reader,

We all know that when we live, we will die eventually. Death is the curse of life. We are all aboard to a phantom train since our birth with our tickets designated to land on the very same station: Death Station.

Life. It is the one that causes our cells to degenerate. It is the main reason of the persistence of our existence and the cessation of it.

And after we live, we die. The absence of life, is considered dead and nonliving. It is considered as the end-of-the-line of our consciousness, of our body to be exact.

But what if death isn’t the terminal? What if the train of existence extends after Death Station, for instance, to Heaven Station? to Hell station? To Purgatory Station? It might not our corporeal bodies to exist within this spiritual realms, but who knows? Our souls might exists through the phantom train that will lead us to the station we are designated. The question is, what station did you choose? You thought that you didn’t choose any don’t you? Well fret not, I didn’t too.

On this story, our hero was dead. He was the same as your great ancestors, already dead. He had gone through Death Station, which we mortals had not reached yet. But what we don’t know if the train had stopped on that station, or it might continue to the next station – we don’t know it until we are within it.

Cheers, and enjoy the great story.

Yours truly,

John Braun


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