Movie Review: Inception

Another thought-provoking film that suspends the laws of physics and blatantly imposes the quantifiable dream as well as the subconscious. An intelligent, innovating film that is indeed entertaining but holds no bar for its limitations, making an enormous entropy from the whole picture. Does the film have limitations rather?

Christopher Nolan has once again touch the laws of physics to his command, and his grandiose ideas as the backbone of his name and his films. Starring award-winning actor and the face of the internationally-acclaimed film Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio (Dom Cobb) who makes this film look like a one-man show. The prima donna is leading a pack of professionals consist of an architect, chemist, businessperson, and sci-fi megamaniac. The team’s job is to infiltrate a person’s mind through dreams, stealing any possible data and information the person tries to hide within their minds. Simple right? They get paid for it.

While the film doesn’t focus on this kind of grand capability, it focus more on the tougher job – Inception. The title speaks for its concept. You plant an idea that will convince the person that it is his own conception. While extracting information through a person’s mind is possible, this must be possible too right?

Persuasion must be as easy as pie, as you can convince one even you are speaking to him in this real world while having a cup of tea. What the real problem here is the protagonist; his own subconscious nagging him to the extreme. That’s what makes the problem even worse.

What is really interesting in the film is the concept of reality – how dreams were incorporated as truth. Keep in mind that a dream is reality once you are within, and that is what the film ultimately portrays.

Life in the limbo is a nice concept as well, but I find it really hollow and emits much ‘barnum effect’, leaving various community theories about the film’s ending and as well the film’s grandiose concept.

Inception is an ambitious interpretation about the mystery of dreams. But then that ends the ambitious plot dreams after the whole plot shatters it hard. The pompous characters’ own dilemma, and comical graveness of their mishaps proves that this is more like a melodrama, not a science fiction nor an action film.

Anonymeter: 7/10


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