13072004_448097522054167_1616758990_o (1)‘Tis nothing hard to choose

between two precious moose,

’til between a rooster and a goose,

which surely have a bird to lose.

How wearisome the woe of the young man,

dubious between two diverged span

which both ends are nothing but gaiety

or haply remorse and tragic travesty;

but lo – could he travel both paths,

nay, know the nature’s laws and wraths.

Remember, there’s only one stone to cast,

a pair of feeble feet apt to rust,

a minute mind that seethes so fast,

all against two birds – hit one alone before last.

This poetry was inspired from the diary of a young man named Isaiah, which was by chance I read on a secondhand bookstore, and also from this wonderful verse from Robert Frost’s poetry The Road Not Taken:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

– Robert Frost

Isaiah was in a great dilemma and two of his girls were away from his grasp. His girlfriend and wife Megan moved away from their church and Camille, who moved away for San Francisco, was still on his heart (probably his former girlfriend). How teenage romance is so cheesy and as well dramatic.

I wonder how he felt this kind of dilemma that he could possibly say that his life was a living hell.

The picture was the last entry on his diary, and was written in November 1oth, 2012.

Poor Isaiah. I wonder how is he doing right now? Who did he choose? Who did he love?



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