“Tell me you love me yet you never show”
How cogent must I give for you to know?
“I need to see it, I need to feel it”
Feel it? I am not the one to make it!
“Show me, else I won’t consider your love”
Tell me, what kind of faith do you have?
“I have a faith, and it is for the Lord”
Like I tell you, my love is like His word!
For nothing I could do to make you believe
For faith comes first before you receive
The burning love that you shall ever feel
Even I’m in blue; even I can’t kneel;
Even people won’t believe my love for you;
But with faith, my love will ever be true.


Rainy Night

“Rainy Night on Powell Street” by Seth Couture

A dreary night sky
Starless, downpour forthcoming
How bleak be this night
None to know, perchance to feel
How cold be this rainy night

A Faint Thunder Clap


A faint thunder clap
Ominous, dark, clouded skies
Perhaps rain may come
Drizzling from heavens above
If so, shall you stay with me?

A faint thunder clap
Even if the rain drizzles
Or heaven forbids
I will stay right here sitting
Together with you my love.

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,
A faint clap of thunder,
Clouded skies,
Perhaps rain will come.
If so, will you stay here with me?

なるかみの, すこしとよみて,
A faint clap of thunder,
Even if rain comes or not,
I will stay here,
Together with you.

Man’yōshū vol. 11, verse 2514 – 2513 via the movie Kotonoha no Niwa


Rise on a recurring ride
Tackled with trifling towers
With green, gilded spires that guide
The pool of poison’s powers
That defies denizens to doom;
That harbors hell’s harbinger —
Burning in the balloon — boom!
Mirth as small as Mazinger Z;
“A minute for what it means?”
Minute? More like, Mazinger Z!
Mazinger-sized monster’s miens,
Larger than its leafy limbs
Crawled to my cavern of crave
While I watch my wily weeds;
Cunt crushed my creedal conclave,
Needlessly nicked my needs;
Mazinger mashed with its mace;
Gallant, gnashed with coup de grace;
Cavern crushed and I in craze;
But I got up goofing gas;
Hot like hell along the haze.
Put the pot on the perfect place;
And read the riddles while they race.



Let them be the along the strongest,
Or perchance with the vile weakest;
All against their own mortal coils;
Till all brought back on the dry soils;
The futile blood be the longest!

Sad But True

This epic song gives chilling lyrics, so I made it as my inspiration for my own verses. Enjoy the song while reading.

I’m the dream that makes you real
Gives you light that ever gleams
But then life makes you unreal
Forever trapped in your dreams
You know it’s sad but true.

I’m the eyes that makes you steal
Gives you sight that ever glows
But then justice makes you squeal
Forever trapped in your throes
You know it’s sad but true.

I’m the pain that makes you feel
Gives you strength that ever flows
But then death makes you kneel
Forever trapped where no one knows
You know it’s sad but true.

My Child

“Frau mit totem Kind” by Käthe Kollwitz

My child, were you born perhaps to die?
Sweet child, was that the reason you cry?
I brought you in this world filled with grime;
Sound the trumpets of darkness sans rhyme;
Because of myself I brought you pain;
I gave you the flesh apt to be slain.
I curse the one who created me;
And curse the creator who formed thee.