A Weeping Glass

Sachi Nanjou

Fragile, yet wet and weary
Once upon a twilight dreary
On a world sans silver and rose
with colors polarizing
Where life fails to impel its prose

A glass on a brink of breaking
Her eyes in tears, her heart shaking
Waiting, waiting for a certain call
 from someone engraved on her soul
To come or not, a reason not to fall

Don’t you weep, oh breaking glass
Whence did you come from, nubile lass?
Pardon me with my unnerving call
 for no other words to tell
your dividing beauty from all

Don’t you break, oh weeping glass
Halt, halt! time soon shall pass
For pain has been always fleeting
 yet death is always unending
Tantamount to weeping to breaking.


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