Perverted Father

“Father” by Kelli Scott Kelley

A mere poetry for him may be so cheesy
For a strong man like him don’t treasure such folly
A man whose deed to carry his household
With a heart and mind not left untold.

The bringer of life and the great shepherd
Careful and thoughtful, focused on his herd
The faultless foundation, the pillar of strength
Still and resolute, strong at any length

The grand model of his progeny
Perfect, suitable for any topography
The man that holds my ailing legacy
The man that caused my reckless mutiny.

He is the creature I deeply loathe
He is the creature who left his oath
Away from everything, he fell awry
In times of pretense he friv’lously cry

He is the master of his very will
But fails to capture my very soul
He is the callous man of his own thrill
And the macabre corpse of his own hole.


3 thoughts on “Perverted Father

  1. contempt is something i’ve been struggling with too brother, ultimately harmfull and self destructive>.< Thank you for writing this and expressing it though. If we can't express contempt, it can only fester. I appreciate the significance of this.

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    1. Your comment is much appreciated. It’s really a shame when you ought to respect such a father but he’s unworthy. I can’t blame myself but him alone.


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