Fake Goods are Invalid

Sauntering, freed from my shackled soul

Alas, I found him again on this shithole

Creeping in this same place long years before

Ripened evil I had dealt few long years before

I quivered frantic, “leave me!” I implore

“For I had no more soul to give” but I saw something;

I shrieked, “what odious thing you have in stores?”

Ceasing, he seized my hand, giving that odious thing

Earthed, murky and ugly, he said, “it’s yours”

“Fake, your soul is fake.” he complained

A glimpse in my hands — it was nothing but crap

“Fake goods are invalid” he explained

At this point in time, I laughed on my trap.

“Why are you laughing?” he cried

“Why are you crying?”, I asked

“My money, give back my money” he replied

I picked up the money I got from the past.

“Here’s the money,” I then gave it to him

“Thank you, tell me, where I can change it for dollar?”

I laughed, “there’s a changer near the gym”

Few minutes later I waited; the I found him on a grim

“He said it was fake!” he yelped with a holler

I ran, laughing, with my soul on a roller

And you reader, perhaps not laughing

Well so am I, for I don’t think I’m trying.


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