Reclusio Perpetua

I have stopped to think the envies of life
As a destitute I have seen the worsts of all:
Poverty, moral depravity, darkness beyond measure
Though I would regard much about it no more
Had once desired idle idylls which bore no value:

Enclose the eyes that sees nothing but vanity
Cover the ears that hears none but blarings
Desist against the fragrance of decadence
Conceal the tongue that is the means to debauchery
Find the self a recluse deprived of outward stimulus

And thus to feel, at last, the essence of existence:
The meaning of life—the greatest mystery!
That is but the inward feeling of solitude and certitude:
“I am for nothing but the world and the world is but myself!”


The New Jaguar

Aye sir, a New Jaguar has come upon us
Apt to leap and strike, ready to devour us
Filled with enigma, otherwise nondescript;
What in the world is a Jaguar?

T’was a false positive; it was no Jaguar
Truth is, I might know but of Jaguars
A word it is: a savage within the books
Defined by old symbols and semantics:

Covered with black blotches and sallow furs
Sharp teeth, claws, talons and loins
Cursed with epicene sexuality;
Eccentric, stochastic personality
Disciplined yet credulous;
Educated yet vacuous;
With savagery as primacy
And solicitude as mediocrity

But that creature which roamed the street
(Filled with enigma, otherwise nondescript)
Was nothing I have seen—unprecedented!