The New Jaguar

Aye sir, a New Jaguar has come upon us
Apt to leap and strike, ready to devour us
Filled with enigma, otherwise nondescript;
What in the world is a Jaguar?

T’was a false positive; it was no Jaguar
Truth is, I might know but of Jaguars
A word it is: a savage within the books
Defined by old symbols and semantics:

Covered with black blotches and sallow furs
Sharp teeth, claws, talons and loins
Cursed with epicene sexuality;
Eccentric, stochastic personality
Disciplined yet credulous;
Educated yet vacuous;
With savagery as primacy
And solicitude as mediocrity

But that creature which roamed the street
(Filled with enigma, otherwise nondescript)
Was nothing I have seen—unprecedented!


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