Afternoon of March

Today is a malaise from hopes and dreams
I come and write a series of Ennui:
Freud, chemistry, and Headrush

Maman opened the gates to Outworld
Soundwaves flowing outward after my ears
Bass and treble lose its wry intension

Dry leaves fall; dry floors do not
I am bereft; I am wet
I am cold; I am warm
I am sick; I am not

Cry, Maman, weep the tree of gold
Poppy will give us bread otherwise
I will desist the waves from resounding…

till the room be as quiet as Solitude.


One thought on “Afternoon of March

  1. Wow! Your vocabulary is intense! Ennui! Malaise! Even in “I am” corrode?! I like the I Am poem the best. Intense content here.
    Is your name Janus? My name is Janice!
    I blog about blogging tips. If you could use any, why not check out my blog. You call your site “unpopular”. I host ten networking events each month where you can meet new readers. Your poems are really good.


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