Thoughts on Things

The case of desensitized people in the urban milieu (be it the middle or the poor) in this time of atrocities has become rampant, soon to be rife (or it is already rife). We assimilate this fascist culture of repressing political dissidents which threaten the “peace” which shrouds the exploitation of labor through surplus of the working class and marginalization of minority groups, yours truly by bourgeois politics and bureaucrat-capitalism, fashioned into populist state fascism backed by western imperialism, the last (hopefully) stage of capitalism into our ideological preconscious which waters down further violent reactions from the diminishing shock-value of phenomena.

There is no doubt on the fact that we [the urban denizens] don’t know what are our neighbor’s businesses or even their respective names. We only know of their presence but still act and think as if we are within a vacuum; we wait for the menace to be sucked into our immediate sense-triggers which could endanger our immediate lives. Carpe diem.

We don’t care [anymore].
Manila 2017


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