Constantly Adrift


To and fro I stumble and go astray
Westward, leeward and wayward
Waiting for an opportune chance
Only to find myself adrift amid.

Pushed and pulled by outward forces,
Yet the inward preempts stature:
An entropy within an entropy
Adrift by the sea, adrift by the soul

Whence the waves come is a query
Whence the discordant din a mystery
The origin of tumult and disquietude
Is it within or without?


My Old Friend Soli

Wandering wayward wherever
Floating adrift—afloat on South Sea
Sauntering with my friend Solitude
Having had found a good coast on Freedom Isles
Had seen a slanted eye peering through a vessel
Lo, what a shorthand scat he could be!
And thus I stroll once more afloat—adrift on the West Sea
While chitchatting to good old friend Soli:
— Quiero sus gran platanos, quoth he
Neither did fishes aswim beneath the disputed rinds
Rebuff nor even understand this magical—
Not as majestic as my enlarged fruit—remark
From this wonderfully deranged queer
To whom I never really wanted to stroll with
And before I indulge myself with gluts of self-defeat
O Liberty, no heightened choice could have sullied thee!
What deliberate crimes have done through your name!
Forgive me for I have not chosen thee!
And to choose not choices but to have not!
Not a faint chance, not a minute chance to decide
Picking one’s fate I have had built mine not to!