Revolutio Perpetua

I once stopped to think of the envies of life
Destitute and helpless I have seen the worsts of all:
Poverty, moral depravity, darkness beyond measure
Though I would regard much about it no more
Had once desired those idle idylls which bore no value

And times have been, darkness ensued
Nihilistic delusions, cynicism at its core
Once thought apathy and indifference
Would make one a better number
All ended to nothing, mortal regression
But redemption comes due

I think again of the envies of life
Still a destitute, but not helpless
I am deaf and blind no more
Perhaps the meaning of life
Lacks certitude, away from solitude
But found on the human condition,
and ultimately, social revolution!
I am for nothing but the world
and the world is but the people!


Celebrities are not Humans

They aren’t, I tell you.

Neither they are aliens; they are objects
similar to a dildo
some are idols
a reason for living
and for dying— for most
bad and good asses
but some are fake
all are fake
all became fake

What difference does Gal Gadot have to a cake?
Except the former is unpalatable, both are consumed.

They are commodities, fetishized by consumers— like you

They earn for a living, it is then genuine labor
the difference is— they work from you
and you— work for them.

no one works for you,
unless you’re not human.

Like I told you, they aren’t.

Are you?

The Ethical Suicide

This Mortal Coil by Donna McGee

Perhaps to kill the self is baleful
Indeed— it casts the infliction
unto others: a displacement of pain

so first we must forget each other:
I shall depart from your precognition
and dwell within the unconscious

so farewell till the next hypnosis.

What Lies Between and Beyond

Mountain Range.png
Mountain Ranges by Jomer Bongalos, Digital Art

I stand between two distinct yet similar boondocks
One was borne of peace; the other borne of war
Beholding but their tall vanguard ideals
What lies beyond I cannot fathom more

are you to blame me for not being able to delve more
if the risks remain uncertain
and to choose where to start could kill?

are you to blame me for being indecisive
if these mountains serve themselves as walls?

are you to blame me for abstaining
if all I could see is their best,
concealing all the rest?

I am so sorry
For being so much small.

Our Rude Carrot Love

by Sad Potato

Our Rude Carrot Love

This one’s for you Mrs Gobblebrain!

My love for you is like the most rude carrot,
Your face reminds me of strong cockroaches,
Together, we are like pasties and olive oil.

Oh darling Maddie,
My rude carrot,
My strong potato,
The perfect companion to my pasties soul.

Poppies are red,
Oceans are blue,
I like forests at dusk,
But not as much as I love smooching with you!

Oh darling Maddie,
Your knees are like terrific maps on a winter day,
You’re like the most jolly air traffic controller to ever walk Russia.

Your strong cockroach face,
Your olive oil soul,
Your terrific knees,
Your jolly air traffic controller being…

How could I look at another when our rude carrot love is so strong?

I love you Mrs Gobblebrain!

This is actually a computer-generated lyrics from this wonderful yet hilarious site.