Anime Review: NHK ni Youkoso!

“I don’t want to live. But dying is such a hassle. I wish I could just disappear.” – Tatsuhiro Satou

NHK ni Youkoso! (literally translated as Welcome to the NHK!) is a compelling psychological dramedy that instills the painful and gleeful experiences of a paranoid, a shut-in, an introvert, an anti-social, a computer addict, and generally, a human being. This anime is a quintessential depiction of Japanese hikikomori life and the cruelty of the mind – pessimism, paranoia, social anxiety, foolishness, traumatic experiences and even anger.

NHK Ni Youkoso is an adaptation from the famous novel of Tatsuhiko Takimoto with the same name, aired on Japanese TV way back in 2006. The novel was published in 2002. The review is all about the adaptation. No content from the novel or even the manga was reviewed.

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