Letter to the Reader

Letter to the reader,

We all know that when we live, we will die eventually. Death is the curse of life. We are all aboard to a phantom train since our birth with our tickets designated to land on the very same station: Death Station.

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Movie Review: Interstellar

A series of thought-provoking scenarios that gripes me out of the comfortable couch, forces my mind to play by its rules. This film has the ambitious illustration of Einstein’s relativity, as well as the black hole theory. However, it focuses more on the specific protagonist rather than the setting itself, leading to a petty entertainment.

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Truth is a thing everyone cannot know
I reckon anyone will never show
Truth is what we ought to believe
Or it is what we opt to deceive

Truth is sometimes what we deserve
Most of the time is what we preserve
It is the guilty desire of our souls
And our minds beset the holes.

What say us to the knowledge of truth?
It is something that we cannot refute
Like a flame burning paper
Turning to ash sooner or later.

What comes first? Truth or belief?
When there is the truth there comes belief
Though when there is belief there comes the truth
It all resort to faith and folly.

Scrutiny on the Fallacy – “Everything Happens for a Reason”

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“That happened to you because if it doesn’t, you might be in a bad place.”

“Bad things have to happen in order for the good times to come after.”

“In every storm, there is a rainbow.”

“There are no accidents or coincidences; all things happen with a purpose”

We probably encountered this kind of statements – regardless of language or culture you have. Humans generally use this to console a current plight. For example, “You probably got your car engine busted because there is an imminent disaster en route.” This is probably acceptable, because it is possible; but I call this ‘bullshit’. This is the least possible advice you can say to anyone who is currently on a hard time in life.

Why? Because it’s all fallacy, folks, and it is a poor philosophy. Read on to know why.

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